Before you even grasp our handcrafted coffee it helps to have an understanding of all the blood, sweat, and work that has gone into sourcing, growing, & roasting. Coffee, for most, is the main income and passion for the largest network of farmers. It’s a series of incredibly hard working, educated, and determined individuals. Here’s a few things we do and study at ONYX Coffee Lab to help determine the cup you drink. Never settle for good enough..

There are hundreds of variables and ethics that go into making the perfect cup of coffee. The producers, to the process, to the roast all influence the cup in a multitude of different ways. Nothing goes with the perfect cup of coffee like knowledge.
Every craft master needs tools. From brewing to grinding the right instrument is needed for the right job. Heres some info on what tools we suggest to create not only a delicious cup but a consistent cup as well.
Here at ONYX we are roasters, cuppers, and barista, but we really want to be actors!.. Here are some videos showing a variety of brew methods as well as bad acting. Enjoy!