Competition in the coffee world makes sense, but independent coffee bars are the lifeblood of the industry. They are where new ideas take hold and spread, and roasters and baristas arenʼt afraid to take chances. Here at Onyx we want to share what weʼve learned and what weʼve roasted. We hope that the love for quality coffee will spread through cafes, kitchens, restaurants. and sidewalk stands all over the country. Coffee is the thing that unites us, the thing that we can all enjoy regardless of where we stand.

A wholesale relationship with Onyx isnʼt only based on selling coffee. Itʼs based in education and the desire to introduce quality, ethics, and the love of extraction. Letʼs just cut to the chase. Whether you need help with training, design, equipment, or even just revitalizing the after dinner cup, we are into it. Contact us to discuss coffee pricing, training, and consulting for your current projects.